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Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. Yixing City, Taxus
Company base:Shimen village, Taihua town, Yixing City
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Address:South road NO.126,Jiubing , Yixing(Modern Life Square 1F809)
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    Taxus Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. Yixing City in 2001 for approval by the Ministry of Agriculture, from the United States, Canada imported 10,000 high seedlings of Taxus paclitaxel to try to grow, and succeed, has a certain scale, is a collection of cultivating, planting, maintenance, bonsai production, sales as one of modern enterprises, mainly engaged in Taxus series bonsai, to put in the room, offices, hotels and other indoor landscaping, cultivate character, clean air, but also widely used in garden , parks, residential quarters, roads and other urban landscape. Company established a full set of the management system, comprehensive 

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